If you take 1337 and multiply it by 8008 (it looks like the word boob on a calculator) you get 10,706,696 which is the number of times I’ve fucked your Mom

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I really love you, thanks for being my best friend and the best boyfriend. :)


when I was gay I thought I was in the third grade

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I just really miss you tbh like just talking to you and shit but oh well. I’m just like yeah

Also sad bc I’m almost done with gossip girl

Decided to vent via tumblr because no one looks at my shit

Bitch time

On da real fuck you. Realized today talking to people how shity you are to me and just like fuck you. Did nothing but be there for you and treated you wonderfully. Str8 up. I still just want to fucking talk to you and shit and just be normal but you fucking hurt me errday and you don’t even care and so with that fuck you. But I miss you.


she balancing on da dick


she balancing on da dick

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